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T.W. Emory was born into a blue collar family in Seattle, Washington, and raised in the suburbs of the greater Seattle area. He’s been an avid reader since his early teens. In addition to fiction, he likes biographies, autobiographies, and the writings of certain essayists. He also enjoys reading secular and religious history, and is a dabbler in philosophy and sociology, but he also likes to read some reprinted collections of old comic strips such as Thimble Theatre (aka Popeye), Moon Mullins, Captain Easy, and Li’l Abner.
After working at various jobs he ended up doing drywall finishing and eventually became a small-time drywall contractor. In addition to writing, he enjoys cartooning as a hobby. He’s a second-generation Swede on his mother’s side and a third-generation Norwegian on his father’s, which helps explain the little bit of Scandinavian flavoring in his first novel, Trouble in Rooster Paradise.
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